Real Madrid Sink Atletico’s La Primera Dream.


Real Madrid Lift La Decima.

Real Madrid Lift La Decima.

The UEFA Champions League, the most prestigious and most watched football league in Europe and across the world came to a close with a tense, emotional and unprecedented finish. Two teams from the same city in Madrid, Spain, played it out on the pitch in Lisbon, Portugal in a bid to lift the coveted Champions League trophy.

The Spanish giants and bitter rivals, Real Madrid and Atletico madrid had displayed stellar performances right from the group stage down to the semi finals. Fans had already anticipated an entertaining final and that is exactly what they got.

Kick off commenced after the traditional coin flip to pick sides and the customary hand shake to diffuse any animosity or tension. Every fan was tense as Real Madrid, who had previously won 9 Champions League trophy and was obsessed with winning a tenth, tried to control the and keep possession of the ball to deprive their city rivals, Atletico Madrid, who have never won the Cup and were aiming to win their first; La Primera. Within the first 10 minutes, Diego Costa, Atletico Madrid’s start forward complained of injury and forced a substitution. trying to find a goal, Atletico forced a save from Real Madrid’s legendary goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, to put the ball out for a corner. The corner was taken and after a scramble in the penalty box and an error from the veteran keeper, Atletico Madrid’s Koke, drew first blood by heading in the opening goal. Real Madrid seemed to implode with panic as their dreams of winning their tenth trophy, La Decima, seemed to be whisked away from under their very nose.

After half-time, it was clear that Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s coach, had woken his team up with a pep talk as their attacks and their shots on target became more accurate as they kept probing for a goal to equalise and give them at least a semblance of hope in the despair they felt after conceding the first goal. Luck seemed to be against them as none of their shots resulted in a goal until in added time, where a corner kick taken by Real Madrid’s Luka Modric met Sergio Ramos’ head to get them an equaliser right at the nick of time. This goal did the most damage to Atletico’s morale as their will to fight seemed to disappear as they returned for 30 mins extra time to break the deadlock. Angel di Maria swooped in from his left flank, threatening  Atletico Madrid’s defence and shooting , causing a block by the keeper and a rebound shot by Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale to score the second and put his team ahead.

A few minutes later, Marcelo took advantage of Atletico’s defenders’ fatigue and tiredness to weave in and score a third. It was quite clear at this point who the victors were going to be. But the damage was not completely done yet as a rash tackle by Miranda on Cristiano Ronaldo forced the referee to award a penalty for the foul in the 18 yard box. Ronaldo scored as everybody expected making the scoreline 4-1 in Real Madrid’s favour. The celebrations were almost immediate, before the full time whistle, as Real Madrid were triumphant and victorious, lifting their tenth UEFA Champions League trophy which they had sought for over 12 years since winning the 9th.

Company Profile.

Atlas Enterprises is a company jointly owned by Jordanian Mr. Khairy Mansour.  Early building Construction Company and Al Shabab real estate and cleaning are both subsidiaries of Atlas enterprises. The construction firm has taken part heavily in the growing city of Ras Al Khaimah.

Al Shabab Cleaning employs maids, cleaners and janitors who provide services to homes, schools, mosques and any business or household that requires the services of a cleaner. The cleaning employees come from different countries and can communicate with their clients in an efficient manner to ensure the customer is satisfied.

The real estate branch has been a major part of Ras Al Khaimah’s housing industry. Responsible for the construction of office buildings and apartment blocks to accommodate the growing population of both locals and expatriates who live and work in Ras Al Khaimah.

Early building and construction has professional engineers from all around the world in their coffers and is growing steadily as a reputable construction firm in Ras Al Khaimah, Early building Construction Company works closely with its sister company, Al Shabab real estate to put the buildings on the market.

The conglomerate was founded in 1997 when immigrant Jordanian Mr Khairy Mansour moved to the UAE, he has a degree in finance and a Masters in public administration. Teaming up with a local investor, they started out solely as a minor construction firm, building private houses, but as the construction boom in the UAE

exploded, they were one of the firms contracted and solicited to build and renovate government buildings and other infrastructure within Ras Al Khaimah. In recent times they have also been involved in building roads and bridges in an effort to give the underdeveloped parts of the city a much needed facelift.

Quote from Khairy Mansour; “The backbone of business is investments.”

Early building Construction and Al Shabab real estate and Cleaning has provided innumerable services to the city of Ras Al Khaimah in the past decade, responsible for the major constructions and apartments that have accommodated the ever growing expatriate population, building edifices that are the seats of government and beautifying the city.

The Death and Life of Tupac Shakur



Bang bang bang bang bang. Multiple shots ring out on a busy Las Vegas intersection on Flamingo and Koval street. What will notoriously go down in history as one of the most brutal and unsolved murders of a very influential and volatile personality, had just occurred. He had too many enemies for the authorities to have a definitive lead, his life was too turbulent for any substantive clue to be established. close friends, family and a multitude of devout fans and followers of this celebrity, this icon, were left in dazed and lost, even though it was something he himself had predicted and discussed in his lyrics, and actually even experienced quite similar a few years prior. Why was he killed even though he had one of the highest numbers of admirers amongst his contemporaries? why had he always feared for his life and expected it to end so violently and suddenly in a hale of hot burning lead?

With so much precision in his prophecies about his own demise, Tupac Amaru Shakur, caused the minds of his listeners and audiences to still be mystified by his words, nearly two decades after his death. he would repeat it in numerous songs, ”multiple gunshots lit the block…. you get shot while the whole block is staring… first they tried to murder me then they lied to me… I can feel my heart beating fast cos its time to die” explicit and accurate descriptions of his moment of death and the manner in which it would happen. Sadly, the violent lifestyle he lived, could be said to inevitably attract this kind of end, but Tupac was almost immortal before his killing. he had a lot of fans, one of the highest till date, look up to him for inspiration which he effortlessly doled out in his prolific works of music and film and even poetry. But who was he? how did he get to that point where everyone was willing to listen and connect with his own experiences, allegories and allusions? What drove him to never settle? What inspired his lifestyle and decisions? and why was he seen as a neo-philosopher by close observers?

Undoubtedly, and rightly so, a large portion of people who know the name ‘Tupac’,  readily associate it with the thug life, gangster rapper and nothing more. known for having the words ‘Thug Life’ tattooed broadly on his stomach. yet people are left to ask why he has the most loyal fans who are very responsible people, who work and contribute positively to society.

Tupac was born into the most interesting of situations. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was a Black Panther, a movement formed in the 1960s to protect the rights of blacks who were being oppressed in America. The black Panthers were somewhat radical, employing the use of violence and a militia-like response to the oppression, stating that the peaceful movements had failed to end their plight. Afeni Shakur was one of the highest ranking Black Panther leaders at the time, heavily involved in planning and logistics. The group was under surveillance by the United States Government and the FBI for drugs and arms trafficking and also incidences of murder and violence. Afeni Shakur was arrested on suspicion of possession of a bomb, conspiring to kill police officers, accumulating weapons in her home and detained in prison. She was pregnant with Tupac at the time and gave birth to him a month after she was released, being acquitted of the charges. Afeni was a pivotal part of Tupac’s personality, teaching him from a young age how to be community oriented, how to lead, and how to have social skills. But he also grew up in poverty, living in the ghettos of New York while growing up, he had an early understanding of the trials and problems that came with lack of having enough money to live decently. He also faced deeper issues relating to his own family. His father was never there and he was forced to look up to various other men as father figures. Geronimo Pratt, Mutulu Shakur, Kenneth Saunders, some of which were Black Panthers and others, criminals and gangsters. While growing up, he never knew who his father was. Tupac realized that he needed a man to teach him ow to be a man. While growing up, he was quiet, withdrawn, almost an introvert. He kept a diary and wrote poetry and was always in front of the television. He began to crave the joy and lives of some of the characters he saw on TV, wanting to live like them. He started to take an interest in acting so much so that he auditioned and won a part to play Travis Collington in ‘Raisin in the Sun’, for a fundraiser when Jesse Jackson was running for president. Tupac was intrigued by the feeling he got from having the attention of the audience and being cheered for and he knew this was what he wanted.

Afeni Shakur lost her job in New York and she had to move with Tupac and the family to Baltimore. Tupac remembers Baltimore as a backwards town because it had a the highest rate of black on black homicides. He attended the Baltimore school of performing arts where he met other famous people including Jada Pinkett with whom he built a close companionship. There, he had ballet classes, music classes and this further developed his artistic side.  He started to notice that the school he went to was different from the one his poor black friends went to, they didn’t read that kind of literature or have theater and it dawned on him that this was because the school he went to was mostly populated by white kids or rich minorities. This began to make him think about the gaps in society, the differences between rich and poor, the white privilege and black marginalization, he began to become more socially aware while his peers were still chasing girls and having youthful exuberance. The violence that blacks in his community faced with little or nor protection from the police began to stir hatred in his mind for law enforcement officials. He felt they were being abandoned simply because they were black. Tupac moved again to California in an effort to escape the high levels of violence in Baltimore, but he met even more poverty and violence . He was now finally beginning to see that the one thing that all back people shared was that common denominator of poverty. He began to look for a way to publicize his thoughts and found rap music, which was quite popular at the time, to fit his ideas.

Tupac dropped out of school and moved out of his mother’s house when he was 18. he was broke, didn’t have any source of income and was desperate to make a living. With no opportunities, he started selling drugs for about a week or two but the other  drug dealers observed that he was not good at it and decided to just ‘sponsor’ him because they knew that his true love was making music. He soon got to meet the Digital underground crew and was making serious music at that point. He was still mostly unknown until Ted Field, a multi millionaire with Interscope records got in touch and decided to be his producer, He recorded his first album ‘2pacalypse now’ and it went platinum. The first album was relatively euphemistic in describing the pain and struggles but they were not striking as much nerves with people as Tupac had wanted. He began to tell his stories in the most graphic ways, hoping it would accelerate an end to the situation most black people faced. Full of controversy but also a reality of his own life.  Tupac  had been brutalized by police in Oakland, California and sued the Police Department for harassment, a case which he won. The case caused him to be despised by authorities and even politicians as a menace and this further served to radicalize him, pitting him against them in an epic battle to sway public opinion.

Tupac was not just a rapper but an actor, he starred in many movies like ‘Juice’, ‘Poetic Justice’, ‘above the rim’ which all skyrocketed his popularity because his talent and natural gift for acting manifested, bringing praise from movie critics. But his vulnerable emotions would not allow him to last long on the good side of the media. Tupac was charged but acquitted for shooting two off duty police officers in Marin City. He got arrested over 12 times during his career which made it difficult for him to star in movies so he decided to just stick to rap.

Interestingly for a gangsta rap artist, Tupac had immense respect for the women in his life and when he was growing up. The early songs like ‘Brenda got a baby’, ‘Dear Mama’ speak volumes of how he felt towards women. He also developed feuds with another famous rapper Notorious B.I.G, sparking the east coast- west coast beef which defined the rap scene of the 90s. He was shot five times in an elevator in New York, a shooting which he accused Notorious B.I.G of orchestrating, sparking off the infamous rivalry between them.  He served time in jail in 1995 for being guilty by association in a case of sexual assault but was freed on bail which was paid by Suge Knight of Deathrow Records, on the condition that he signs for their label.

His relationship with Deathrow records dragged him deeper into the violent lifestyle he had always wanted to end with his music, a paradox, one might observe, as his music came to glorify violence and become the opposite of what he initially intended to achieve. Tupac Shakur was in a black BMW in a Las Vegas street with Suge Knight, shortly after leaving the MGM Grand hotel where they were shot multiple times. Suge Knight survived but Tupac succumbed to his wounds after some days in the hospital, dying just the way he had prophesied and living through his music which is still popular even after his death.

The ALS Ice Bucket Craze


als  Why are people filming themselves pouring a bucket of ice and freezing water on themselves? you may ask. even crazier, why is everyone challenging their friends to do it? Why are celebrities doing it and posting it on social media? The ice bucket challenge has become trendy among teens and has gone viral on social media, leaving people who have been left out on it clueless as to what it is.

The ALS ice bucket challenge was an idea by philanthropist Corey Griffin, who was responsible for making it go viral. The challenge itself is a fundraising drive and also meant to raise awareness for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a medical condition in which the sufferer feels a sensation of ice cold water on the tips of their nerves, to create awareness about the relatively little known disease. people nominate their friends to take on the challenge by dousing themselves with a bucket of ice cold water, and if they fail to accept the challenge within a duration of twenty four hours, they would donate funds to the ALS Association, which utilizes the funds for research and treatment of patients.




Tumblr is a micro blogging app which has been around for quite a while. It has not been as widely used as Facebook or twitter, but has a large  and dedicated number of users. Although the number of new Tumblr users hasn’t increased as much as that of other micro-blogging sites like twitter, it still stands as a unique and appealing app to upcoming bloggers.

When signing in for the first time, the interface guides new users through a two step process to pick a unique username and password, then give a title to your blog and an avatar. after you have picked a unique username for your blog, it will automatically be given a URL that others can search and find you with. You can also set a theme to suite your choice, changing the font and background color to your liking. A header superimposes the avatar from behind to give each and every blog that unique feel.

The more fun part is the posting and blogging dashboard. The interface is quite user friendly, although it takes a bit more time to get used to. There are options to post a quote, chat, link, text, video and photo. Tumblr is unique in the sense that every quote, photo or blog you re-post from elsewhere will always indicate the source.

You can follow your favorite blogs, ask anonymous or public questions, and tag and mention other users, making it quite interactive as well.

Tumblr is free to download and is an alternative blogging site with exclusive options and features.

FIFA 15 Game Review



       The latest release from EA sports football game series, FIFA 15 has taken gamers by storm. Surpassing its previous success with FIFA 14, this exciting, adrenalin pumping game has lived up to expectations. I would say it has even surpassed some of my expectations.
        When I first watched the trailer for the game on youtube, I was excited, patiently awaiting its release. Before the official game came out, a demo version was made available, probably to soothe the nerves of anxious enthusiasts, or perhaps just give them a sneak peak and subtly build up the anticipation. Playing the demo, I knew the full version was going to be awesome.
      The graphics were a lot more improved, better than on FIFA 14. I always wondered how much more realistic the game could get, and this blew my mind. The players were very much lifelike, it was obvious that the graphic designers had spent a lot of time perfecting the faces and physiques of each player. This was what made FIFA more revered than its rival PES. When playing the game, one could notice the more improved reflex saves from goalkeepers. The quality of keepers like Neuer and Courtouis on the game is crazy, just like in real life. There is also amazing goal line clearance and goal line technology.
     The reactions of players of winning or losing teams was also noteworthy. They adjusted to the situation on the pitch giving the feel of an actual match. When a goal is scored and the crowd roars in celebration, the tele camera vibrates a bit, and this just leaves one in awe. They also added many new celebrations for the players, like Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature move after scoring a goal.
     Lots of improvements were also made in the online gaming aspect of FIFA 15 with the ultimate team overhaul and modification. New features were added, enabling online gamers to pick from a variety of choices on what kind of game to engage on against virtual online opponents. I asked an ardent FIFA15 gamer, Huzaifah Sabo, on his thoughts about the online aspect on the game, “its really cool, I was not expecting these new modifications, so they kind of came as a surprise. Its perfect and very user friendly”.
        I personally have very little or no criticism of this game at all, I enjoy passing time with it, as I’m a football lover, and I really do enjoy playing online. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a feel of this exhilitating game.




Audemars Piguet, a brand name which has held sway in Swiss watch making for years, has continued to make watch connoisseurs swoon over the eloquence of their simple, yet classy designs. The quality and style of this designer watch is unique, and makes even passive watch buyers interested in the high class accessory.


The 26 karat tuxedo special by Audemars Piguet
This classy piece, which is encrusted in 621 diamonds, is a silver chain strap watch. The dial is also encrusted in carefully cut pieces of the precious stone. The automatic tuxedo watch which has no second hand, bedazzles one with its hour and minute hands also set in stone. The Audemars Piguet logo displayed proudly with the black background giving it a contrast and further emphasising the beauty. Who says diamonds can’t be a man’s best friend?


Royal Oaks Concept GMT Tourbillion by Audemars Piguet.

This eye catching Audemars Piguet special is a tour de force. The case is set in white ceramic against black highlights. The white ceramic dials making the watch ever more conspicuous, in a good way of course. It has an hour glass figure set prominently in the backdrop of the hour and minute hands, an allusion to the historical essence of time perhaps. The watch also has a second time zone GMT which is set by the second dial. This scratch proof edition is a result of professional craftmanship with the ceramic being used said to be harder than steel.


The Jules Audemars Minute Repeater by Audemars Piguet.

With its platinum case, this blue leather strapped, antique looking watch is a watch lover’s fantasy. Its blue Poire de Parie hand swivels freely along the minute rail. The finesse of the open worked dial, spread below, truly amazes me as it shows the inner mechanics of Swiss watch making at its finest. Its a kinetic piece which requires no battery and it simply exudes high taste. It has its seconds, towards the bottom, with a smaller second hand that doesn’t tick but glides smoothly round the circumfrence of the smaller circle which contains seconds in each ten digits. The finnisage is remarkable and gives more reason to rate Audemars Piguet high amongst the finest watch makers.

Mariah Carey’s Tour of Japan.



     Famous singer, Mariah Carey, kicked off her Tour of Tokyo on Saturday where fans were left dissatisfied by her performance. The concert was part of her Elusive Chanteuse Show, and was having an opening night in the Makahuri Messe Arena. 
     Mariah, who is one of the few singers who are known to hit high pitched notes, failed to achieve what she was known for when she seemed to lose her voice and even forget some of her lyrics, the fact that some of her equipment were faulty made matters worse for the singer, as her microphone stand broke while performing her hit song “We Belong Together”.
    Mariah could be seen complaining about the microphone and saying to the audience “even the mic got feelings”, before she finally aborted the decision to perform the song. The singer could be later seen complaining off camera to technicians backstage.
     Fans were bitter as they started wondering if the singer, who was widely applauded for actually singing in her concerts, should switch to lip-syncing instead. They voiced their outcry on social media, criticizing her performance. There were even videos of the flop performance titled ‘My All Fail Mariah Carey Live in Tokyo2014’.
     This was the latest bad news for the singer who recently got divorced from her husband Nick Cannon. I think its safe to say this concert fiasco has further caused a dent on the artiste’s persona. Her PR team and obviously, her technical team have a lot of work to do to revamp her image and bring back the fans’ confidence.
Watch video of the performance here.


Full Metal Jacket Film Review.



Full Metal Jacket

   This film, which had two distinct segments, gives an insight into the perspectives of war from the angle of the Marines during the Vietnamese war. The story follows the encounters of young men being trained in bootcamp by Drill Sergeant Hartman. Hartman is a very strict, wild military man, harsh both on the outside and on the inside. The relationship with Joker and Pyle was also remarkable. Joker was the leader of his platoon, and was later assigned to Pyle as a personal tutor because Pyle was a weak, fat guy, who couldn’t do anything right. Joker tried his best to bring Pyle up to level with the rest of the crew, but did not really succeed. And whenever Pyle messed up, the whole platoon got punished. Peer pressure turned into mass bullying as the platoon grew fed up of Pyle’s incompetence. They ganged up at night and beat him up and this turned Pyle into a psycho with murderous tendencies. The night before graduation, he flips and kills Sergeant Hartman, then himself, bringing the first section to a climax.
  The second segment explores Joker’s travails as an Army writer in Hue, Vietnam. An oxymoron was highlighted when a Colonel questioned him about why he had ‘Born to kill’ written on his helmet and at the same time, had a peace sign badge on his chest. Joker is eventually thrown into combat in the war torn parts of Hue during the Tet offensive. Joker meets Rafterman and his platoon where they faced threats of guerrilla type ambushes, booby traps and snipers as they advance through the town. Joker comes to face reality and questions if he truly is a killer as Sergeant Hartman trained him to be.
   The film was set in Parris Island Marine recruit camp, and Vietnam, and shot on location in London.